Studio J Hosts ASMP and Sports Photographer Donald Miralle

January 22, 2010

Posted by ASMP

Don Miralle at Studio J

Studio J hosted the San Diego chapter of ASMP last night, with Olympic sports photographer Donald Miralle. The crowd watched a series of animated slideshows set to music and featuring some phenomenal sports images captured during recent Olympics as well as local and national sporting events. Don also narrated many of the images, and showed not only a number of “behind the scenes” pictures showing how the images were created but also actual diagrams he had drawn to show his concept to editors. It was amazing to see how the shot was captured, and then to see the finished spread as published in various magazines. Technique is important, but thoroughly researching your subject and planning how and where to get the shots was equally important. Don wrapped with a Q&A session that showed the interest attendees had in trying to replicate some of his techniques. All-in-all, it was an inspiring look at some great sports imagery.

Cool Flyer the ASMP made


  1. Brian Boone says:

    Words can’t describe how amazed I am of your fantastic photos from the Winter Olympics. I watched intently almost every day and night to see team USA kick ass!!! It was a real joy to relive those memories with your blog posts. Stay in touch my friend. Now go home and hug those boys of yours tightly!!!!

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