My First Time Lapse Movie…

I have no plans to transition into motion and call myself a DP anytime soon, but now that I’m back home and have some down time, I’ve finally gotten around to getting some multimedia files prepped for the web. The first of a series that I plan to upload to my website and this blog is a time lapse of the Great Reno Balloon Race 2009. I used an upgraded version of Quicktime Player ($20) to make this time lapse photography video as the upgrade gives you an easy option to open a sequence and make a movie from it in seconds. I chose the frame rate of 6 photos a second and did the title page and final fade in and out with Adobe Aftereffects. I used 475 frames shot from a Canon DS MII with a 16-35mm lens set on shutter priority on a tripod. A Pocket Wizard MultiMax was used on intervalometer mode firing every 5.5 seconds over the course of an hour and a half. I had a volunteer watch the camera to make sure no one took it as I was shooting the race from a balloon (the third one up in the video, blue with rainbow stripe) so no one would walk away with the gear. Since there were so many photos, nothing is toned or cropped, just the raw images straight from the camera into a time lapse that crunched 475 frames from over 90 minutes into a one and a half minutes of video. Turn up your volume, Strauss’ On The Beautiful Blue Danube was a nice fit for the balloons…Hope you enjoy!


  1. Jonathan Moore says:

    Nice! The energizer bunny balloon completes it!

  2. Nicely done…..Plays very well as a time lapse project.

  3. Such a wise choice to place your camera. Reflection of sky and ballons is wonderful.

    • Parked the camera on a tripod right next to a bunch of duck poop…If I did it again I would have used a graduated neutral density filter on the sky, so the exposure on the water and sky was more equal.

  4. Very nice, I love the clouds too.

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