Lucha Libre Movie

So at long last Tijuana Lucha Libre video is up and running…I shot this in 2007 as a feature over the course of a couple months, driving over the USA-MEX border between San Diego and Tijuana. The fights were held on Friday nights at the Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana, located in kind of a sketchy part of town, so I usually rolled in with nothing but my cameras that I was shooting with and left nothing in the car. Also, to be on the safe side I purchased Baja California Car Insurance for the months I was driving back and forth shooting this feature. I took this on right at the beginning of when the drug cartel wars really started to get bloody in Mexico and TJ; I don’t think I would do this today with the current state down there. Special thanks goes to my brother-in-law Danny Inskeep who did the bulk of the production of this video on Adobe Aftereffects, Charlie Newman with the San Diego Union Tribune for great driving directions, and my family who put up with my frequent jaunts to TJ on Fridays nights. I’m trying to get the HD version of this up on my livebooks site, but am still working out some kinks to get it streaming smoothly. If you have any suggestions, advice, or comments please feel free to post! Thanks again for viewing…

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