This Always Makes My Day…

I love it when I go to check-in the night before a flight and I get this message:

Wonder what movie will be offered and what will be for breakfast tomorrow? Probably not a breakfast burrito and a little too early for mimosas I think…regardless, it is a very nice perk getting the complimentary first class upgrade just because you’re either a 1K or premier executive with United.

That leads to my one bit of advice I would give to any young photographer or professional who is planning to do a lot of traveling for his/her job – get all your points under one roof. Whether it be United or American, Marrriott or Hilton, Visa or Amex, make sure to sign up for a mileage or points program so everytime you fly a mile or spend a dollar you get something back. In the past 13 years, I have NEVER had to pay for a flight or hotel on a personal vacation, most of which where international excursions. There have even been some Christmas’s in the Miralle household where all the presents Santa brought came straight from Amex points! I fly United, bed Marriott and use Visa accounts that dump additional points per dollar spent into my United and Marriott accounts. It will take a minute of your time to sign up online for a program but if you’re diligent about traveling with the same carrier, staying at the same hotels, or putting all expenses under one card it will pay off indefinitely.

Now off to Denver for an hour layover on the way to Florida for a week to judge the Best of Photojournalism contest. It is may second year on the jury as they asked me back after judging last year’s comp. I will be packing my reading glasses rather than my sunscreen as I will be sitting in a dark room staring at thousands of photos for the next week. Looking forward to seeing some good pics…


  1. Small things like complimentary upgrades mean everything when you fly a lot. I have had years of 200K+ miles working for a company that didn’t paid for business, regardless of the number of hours in flight. I still managed to get upgraded most of the time even in long haul flights.

    The only bad new for me was that I could dine or see the movie, since I was sound asleep even before take off. However, landing rested after an all night flight is more important than see any movie.

    • Ricardo – I was asleep before the wheels were up, and woke up as we were descending. I missed the movie, the meal, and the steward gave me some peanuts on my way out, but I was well-rested!

  2. There you go. You back thanks you when you land.

  3. How’s the neck doing? Love the blog!

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