San Diego Union-Tribune Runs Nice Front Page Feature Story

(Photo by K.C. Alfred/San Diego Union-Tribune)
They sent out a great writer Patty McCormac to my house for an interview and one of their top sports photographers K.C. Alfred for a portrait shoot. No future in male modeling here and I think I will be better served if I stay behind the camera! When it ran in the paper it was front page of local and they included a gallery of my ironman images which was nice.  All my SD friends got a kick out of it….To read the web version of the article you can go here.


  1. Jonathan Moore says:

    I had no idea you were once pre-med! Can you imagine if you’d stuck with it? I’m glad you stuck with your passion!

  2. Congratulations

  3. Carleton Sage says:

    How does a photographer avoid paparattzi??? Nice story – congrats!

  4. Nice story – congrats! -did you loose the GoPro ?

  5. Don, that lens is bigger than your head! Not that your head is little; don’t worry, size isn’t important. Is that a picture taken with your Go Pro?

    • I’m sure you’ve been hearing that size isn’t important your entire life, but they can do things for that nowadays Tom!

      I think there’s a little distortion with that lens in my photo, but my head’s still the size of a watermelon…

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