1st Cover of Lava

1st cover of LAVA, shot with a 5D Mark II & Profotos 7b’s hanging out from the back of a moving van. Nice driving Susan! (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

Early this year publisher John Duke, who I swim with at Encinitas Masters swimming, approached me in regards to a new magazine project. Duke was the publisher at Triathlete and Inside Tri for years, where I shot a cover and contributed photos to both his magazines, and  was stoked when he contacted me as senior photographer for his new endeavor. LAVA is the new official magazine for Ironman, a magazine about top triathletes made for triathletes. It’s printed beautifully on heavy paper with a great layout and stories, and in my opinion it has already set the standard for competition magazines, and they have a great ipad site! Special thanks to the great staff at LAVA – John Duke, Susan Legacki, Jay Prasuhn, Erica Krystek and Heather Gordon for having me as part of the team and letting me exercise my creative juices in the pages of the mag. Here’s the first cover, opening spreads and other photos of Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander of Australia, who we shot in studio and location where he trains in Boulder, Colorado. Everything was shot during one very long but fun day, and I hope that you guys enjoy the photos as much as I did shooting them.

Portrait of Craig Alexander shot with a 4X5 Toyo Field Camera and Polaroid type 55 film (yes film!) Thanks to Mark Dolittle for studio usage and helping process the chemicals.

Underwater frame of Crowie swimming shot with a 5D, an Aquatech housing, and a large scrim jim weighted to the bottom of the pool for bounce light. (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

Craig Alexander running in Chataqua Park (photos by Donald Miralle for Lava)

Craig Alexander with the bike in studio (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

Craig Alexander on the road outside of Boulder (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

Craig Alexander striking a pose in Chataqua Park (photos by Donald Miralle for Lava)


  1. Holy cow. What I wouldn’t give to design a magazine with you on the photo staff.

    Stunning work, as usual, sir. Especially love the Alexander portrait.

  2. Bill Coleman says:

    Nice! And was wondering why you chose 5D over Mk IV.

  3. really great lightning, I particularly appreciate the one from alexander.

  4. Hi,

    Congrats for the cover. I really like the underwater swimming shot – very dynamic.


  5. Shane Dignum says:

    Awesome set of photos especially for a one day shoot. What lens did you use for the cover shot?

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