2nd Issue of LAVA

Mirinda Carfrae of Australia, 2nd place Ironman finisher 2009, runs for the cover during a LAVA shoot in Boulder, CO. (Photo Donald Miralle for LAVA)

The 2nd issue of LAVA has hit the stands and once again the crew managed to fill the mag with great content and ad space. I was stoked on how the main feature and cover of Mirinda Carfrae and Julie Dibens came out, and it’s representative of the great day we had shooting both these amazing athletes on location in Boulder, CO. We had rad locations outside completely different from last issue, then once again used Mark Doolittle’s studio space on the farm to create some of the light painting shots using led lights, a couple profoto lights and a black felt duvateen. Remember these are all single frame shots with no post! Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did, and always your feedback and comments are much appreciated!

1st doublepage spread for feature story in LAVA edition #2. About a 12 second exposure using lightpainting and some strobe pops. (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

2nd doublepage spread for feature storu in LAVA edition #2. A beautiful location near Mark’s studio with an endless field of sunflowers and the mountains in the background. (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

3rd spread. Shot coming out of resevoir with Canon 5D Mark II, Profoto 7b’s with reflectors and grids, (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)

Spread #4. Shot laying on hot conrete with Canon 200/1.8. (Photo by Donald Miralle)

Spread #5. Lightpainting in studio, camera on tripod. (Photo by Donald Miralle for LAVA)


  1. I love your light painting shots for the LAVA spread. Great use of colour and line…very inspiring work Donald.

  2. Bill Coleman says:

    While looking at the cover shot, I was wondering if you ever leap like a gazelle to minimize vibration while running along side.

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