Behind the Scenes at Nike Shoot

Nike “Rivalries” Ad made from composite photos of  background elements and athletes I recently shot.

This is the final comp and some quick behind the scene video of an awesome Nike Shoot from last month for their college football advertising campaign I recently shot. It was a blast to work with the Nike crew again and we had a sick setup at Smashbox Studios in LA, a great photo crew, and perfectly-casted talent hitting all the right moves. Thanks again to Nike Project Manager Dina Worley, Art Director Jason Murphy, Producer Nancy Lichtwardt, Digital Domain for their post, Dustin Edwards for Digital Tech, Hair and Make-up, and all the rest of the lighting and photo assistants that made this possible…


  1. Sweet shot!!! I love this image, well done

  2. very cool !

  3. Bill Coleman says:

    Are their shadows on the ground added in post? And what’s the reason for the black walls?

    If you don’t mind my asking. 🙂

    • Hey Bill – Shadows and everything else are added in post, and the black walls are called v-flats and their purpose is two fold: to reflect light from the strobes back on the subject on the white side, and to work as a flag to block flare on camera from the lights on the background…

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