RIP Andy Irons 1978-2010

Andy Irons surfs morning glass at Trestles, 2005 (Photos by Miralle)

I was shocked when I received a text from a Hawaiian friend, “RIP Andy Irons” while I was getting my boards ready in my garage for the incoming swell. I witnessed AI’s amazing talent shooting him while he was in the peak of his career from 2002-2004, when he collected three ASP World Championships, taking out Slater in his prime in heated battles. The surfing world will miss him dearly, our condolences and prayers out to his family during this hard time. More on this tragic story here

AI showing his fluid power popping an aerial…

Andy Irons paddles out into the lineup.


  1. Donald, that’s really sad news. Didn’t know Andy Irons, but saw him at a couple events on the N Shore a few years back in 07, 08 I think. Kinda weird circumstances surrounding his death.

  2. Great shots of your surfing friend — now, how do you get them — remote camera mounted on a dolphin?

  3. sad day, my heart goes out to his young family. a great surfer, but heard was was a great man too. thanks for your post.

  4. Nice post Donald…must have been a mega experience being in the lineup with AI doing what he did best.

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