Miralle Halloween Haunted House 2010

Growing up Halloween was always the holiday I looked forward to. It’s the only day where you could stay up late, eat as much candy as you like, dress up in costume, and raise hell and not get in trouble for it! It’s a family tradition every Halloween to transform our home into the neighborhood “haunted house”. I always take time off of work and allocate the week leading up to October 31st to decorating and preparing the house with motorized ghouls, tombstones, floating skeletons, and more. It’s lots of fun and my sons and all the neighborhood kids seem to enjoy it. Here’s a little video of this year’s setup…enjoy!


  1. Wow..great job!

  2. too bad we don’t live across the street from each other… halloween madness!!

    • I wish…then the boys could bug their Aunt about Halloween decorations from late September to early November, then transition to the fact that your house needs more reindeers and lights than Clark Griwald’s from “Christmas Vacation”

      • hahaha!!! first of all..your work blows me away. wow donald im really proud of you. 2nd – yes the tradition lives strong!!! haloween is bananas over here as well. while moms wig holders transformed into decapitated heads and decapitated man in the driveway were awesome, i had to drop the horror in the haunted. lots of ghosts and skulls and huge party is what we do. but its imfamous!!!

      • Good to hear you carrying on the Halloween tradition in our house too…how was your 40th bday?

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