Washington Nationals Shoot

(Click on above image to be redirected to Nationals Video Site. Our video is on the 5th page of the playlist on 11/30/10)

A couple weeks ago I wrapped up a great project for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club in D.C.  I shot six of their key players for their branding campaign including 3rd Baseman Ryan Zimmerman, Shortstop Ian Desmond, and Reliever Drew Storen. Since it was the off-season, the Nationals flew in the players for the shoot (with the exception of Zimmerman who lives outside the DC area) and the unveiling of their new jerseys. We had each player for about six hours, which we split with the East Pleasant video crew, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past.  So we had three exciting hours with each of these professional athletes, and we really covered all the bases for the team and the ad agency 40-40, including various action, portrait, and feature photography we could squeeze in our time. I had great success using the high speed synch and with the new Pocket Wizard Flex-TT5′s, shooting up to 1000th of a second on my profotos, which was amazing for freezing the action on my Canon 5D Mark II. We had full access of the facilities at Nationals Park which was amazing, and the staff there was unbelievable to work with. All in all it was a blast – we saw some old friends and made some new ones while coming away with some memorable imagery for the team. Special thanks to Andy Feffer, Lara Potter, Daniel Kasper, Jacqueline Coleman, John Guagliano, Lisa Grondines, Mark Jackson, and Ben Smith of the Washington Nationals for facilitating a fantastic shoot. Here’s a link to a great behind the scenes video put together by the team videographer that shows some of the favorite shots from the shoot. Enjoy!


  1. Jonathan Moore says:

    Nice! The action stuff is great!

  2. Jonathan Moore says:

    I thought the overhead shot of the pitcher with the shadow was probably the best one.. comes together very nicely!

  3. David McIntyre says:

    Nice stuff! The simulated action was good, and variety of portraits both in uniform and street cloths.

    Did you use the 24-105 lens alot?

  4. Hey Donald,
    I hate to be the guy that bugs you with technical questions….but have you had any issues with the PocketWizardsTT5 and getting the higher sync speed with the Profoto 7B & Canon 5D Mark II combo? I have a couple shoots next week that I am stopping action and was considering renting the Canon TT5 PocketWizards to use with my 7b pack and 5D Mark II body. I was just curious if there were any setup/tech issues I should be aware of? Thanks for any input or advice!

    • No worries Ryan don’t mind answering tech questions…A little rear curtain shadow does sometimes show up on the PW Flex TT5’s if I go over 1000th of a second but I have pushed it to that shutter speed with success using profoto 7B’s. Just use the pocketwizard synched software the TT’s come with and mess around with the slider till the rear curtain shadow moves to the top or bottom of frame then crop it. Hope that helps I just saw your comment and noticed that I answered it a week and a half later but I hope your shoot goes well!!!

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