JAWS goes off on north shore of Maui

While I was in Hawaii during the Paula Finlay Cover Shoot for LAVA, I had one morning off so my wife and I went to go check out the infamous surf break “Jaws” on the north shore of Maui. The last time we were there was 8 years earlier before we were married and still dating to watch men braving 50 foot faces during the Tow-In World Cup. Conditions were primo with a large long period N swell producing waves in the 25′-30’range. We shot guys dropping in and some unfortunately wiping out for a couple hours before heading over to quaint town of Pa’ia for a nice lunch. I sent my favorite shot (above) of a man dropping into a monster from the nicest light early in the morning to ESPN the Magazine, and they are running it as a ZOOM double page spread in this weeks edition. Stoked!


  1. sweet Jaws pic bro! Great hanging with you in Dallas!

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