Lance Armstrong Cover

I had the great experience of getting to hang out and shoot Lance Armstrong at his home and the Livestrong Foundation in Austin, Texas for this month’s cover of LAVA Magazine in newstands now. One of the more enjoyable shoots I’ve had in a while and Lance was gracious with his time, letting us shoot him over the course of two days, and he was a pleasure to be around. He even let me go for an accidental swim in his fountain and tweeted Liz Kreutz’s photos to his 3.5 million followers (see picture below). He is obviously an inspirational person because of his 7 Tour De France wins but more importantly for his efforts in the fight against cancer with the Livestrong Foundation. Here’s some outtakes, some behind the scenes by Liz, the cover, and the story layout with great text by Jay Prasuhn…enjoy!

Some Outtakes….

Behind the scenes….

The story layout and cover…


  1. I Love it!! Great Job Donald!

  2. Congratulations Donald!!!

  3. Jonathan Moore says:

    This is really cool Donald…

  4. Brienne Fisher says:

    Great photos!

    • Thanks guys, I appreciate it…I guess people like the images as I’ve had more people look at the Lance post than any other post since the Vancouver Olympics two years ago!

  5. Outstanding photos, as usual. Looks like Armstrong is a natural model.

  6. Carleton Sage says:


  7. Tanya Wodke Reimers says:

    Amazing photos Donald! I subscribe to Lance’s twitter and when I saw your name pop up I was taken aback (I was like I know that person) and so excited for you. I then checked out your blog and read about all your accomplishments and awards…so happy for you.

  8. Donald Miralle forever! What else…

  9. Super Donald!

  10. … kiss ass Don! I was especially happy to read that Lance was gracious with his time for you. I think you deserved that “gracious time” as much as Lance deserves to be featured in Lava. Justice!

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