LONDON OLYMPICS – Day 4 Wild Horses

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Today was a change of pace which is sometimes nice to have in the grind of the Olympic Games. I spent the morning getting my underwater housing ready up to FINA specs and approved so I could submerge it later that evening. After I spent a couple hours on that project I headed to the Equestrian Cross-Country event which I have never shot at the Olympics before, but heard it was a great venue from Photo Manager Rich Lam. So after a couple trains and a nice walk through the very quaint town of Greenwich, I landed at the Equestrian venue without a minute to spare before the start.

The beautiful course cuts through the 185 acre Greenwich Park, with sweeping views of the city and surrounding areas. I would compare the London Olympics cross-country equestrian event to covering a golf major – about 70 thousand people walking behind ropes and barriers along fairways of grass carved out of the hillside. But instead of watching guys hitting a little plastic  ball all over the place, horse fans saw cool amazing animals clearing jumps and obstacles. They had everything from moon and planets, to the customary chess set, to different miniature landmarks from London and English folk…

But after walking around for most of the day I found the last picture right before I left for the bus. I literally envisioned where the photo could happen, with the fans shadows interacting with the horse’s, ran to the spot, took the photo, knew I had a good one, and walked off with a smile on my face before anyone else copied it (I think). The funny thing about the Olympics or any multiday multisport event is that when people see a nice picture on the wire or website, they usual go out and try to copy or emulate it. I’ve done it before and many photographers do it at these events. Some intelligent photographers keep their cards close to their chest and don’t play there hand or photo until the last day so no one has a chance to go back and do it. Others try to go out and find something new. I was tempted not to post this picture until the Equestrian event was over in the hope no one would emulate it, but I am now sure someone else will figure it out and get a similar one…

Enjoy the pics and post comments so I know you’re looking!


  1. great work love the photo of the day!

  2. Stunning as always

  3. As always Erin and Vince are enjoying your stuff. Keep up the interesting perspectives!!

  4. Your creativity continues to amaze me again and again. Very inspiring work.

  5. nice shots, thanks for sharing those moments

  6. Following you every step of the way Don. Beautiful shots.
    Regards. Patrick

  7. Cool! You are the man!!

  8. Carleton Sage says:

    Love the shadow interactions!

  9. Don, I love your overhead shots, with or without shadows, but this is one of the best of the former. Where were you positioned for this shot? It looks like you must have been hanging by an overhead crane or the overhang of a stadium — neither of which I would expect at Greenwich park. It also doesn’t seem like a place you could just run up to and grab your shot. Great work — as usual.

    • Hey Dennis, thanks for note and I was positione on overhang at stadium looking straight down the backside as the horse entered. The grandstands they erected for the event were enormous, it’s gonna be quite the job to clean up after the games!

  10. Bill Coleman says:

    I love the bucking bronco shot! I immediately felt how close I’d feel to going right over the front. And rolling forever 🙂

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