LONDON OLYMPICS – Day 6 Getting Up

Sometimes you have bad days and you fall down. During an Olympic Games it happens only once or twice and you pick yourself up and keep on going because you have to. Sometimes you have friends that help you up. The last 24 hours was a rough one, and I just tried to keep everything in perspective, and as my wife Lauren told me “It’s a new day and just make the best of it.” Here’s the best of my day, minus all the days shortcomings…


  1. Jonathan Moore says:

    Hang in there Donald, can’t change the past… 🙂

  2. I know that feeling Donald. It’s hard to forget it and move on when you are in it and so tired but speaking for myself I look forward to every one of your posts and love all the images you post.
    You’re not alone sir!
    Best wishes and good luck. Patrick.

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