LONDON OLYMPICS – Day 8 Batteries Recharged

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After falling asleep at 4am, backing up files and talking to my family, I really needed to lie in bed and catch up with sleep. My plan was to go to trampoline gymnastics in the morn and fencing finals in the evening, but after hitting snooze a couple times I slept until noon which felt unreal.

I used the rest of the early afternoon to do laundry, get a run and a workout in (my biggest paddleboard race of the season the 32mile Catalina Classic is two weeks after I return) and update some of my photo editing software. With one week down and another to go, it’s good to recharge your battery and prepare yourself for the second week of nonstop work. I then packed up my kit and went to the Excell Center to cover the Men’s Gold Medal Sabre Final.

The last time I shot the event was in Athens which was an unreal venue, with theatrical spotlit piste and the white outfits against pitch black backgrounds. As friend and photographer Chris Trotman reminded me when I arrived of my shot from Greece where both competitors are mid air and one sabre is hitting the chest of the one and appears to go through the head through the other. “Why are you even shooting this, there’s no way you’ll get a better shot than that one in Athens.” Very true, but I needed to get a good jubo and also wanted to try out the multiple exposure setting on the D4 like all the rest of the photogs as the Olympics…

At fencing, I ran into some old friends and met some new, and it was great to see the photo marshall was Allessandra Del Bene who I met at the Rio Pan American Games in 2007. South Korea’s Fencing Team had some ups and downs today as the men’s team won the gold medal, defeating Italy, Romania, and Russia and won all but one of the nine bouts in the final. They are amazing group of fencers and made for some nice photos.

I then shot over to the weightlifting venue and Poland won their first gold of the London Olympics on Friday because of weightlifter Adrian Zielinski. Zielinski defeated Russia’s Apti Aukhadov due to the fact that both athletes tied on a total of 385 kilograms but Zielinski was 130 grams lighter  in bodyweight.

The great thing about the Excell Center is that there are several sports in the building that you can cover at different times of the day. I walked into I walked into table tennis with 5 minutes to spare in the final team match of the day and got the standard and clinched ball and face shot. Then jetted back to the flat via the underground to edit the images.

Tomorrow will be a long day with the Women’s Tri in the morning and the Women’s Final in Tennis at Wimbledon, which I have never been but always wanted to see. Enjoy the pics and keep the questions and comments coming!


  1. The fencing against the black background looks very dramatic. The multi exposures do look amazing coming from the D4. Updating the software? Photomechanic by some chance?:-) If so is it a good improvement? They are a great company with a great piece of software. I use it but haven’t upgraded yet.
    Keep it up Donald.
    Best wishes. Patrick.
    Regards. Patrick.

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