LONDON OLYMPICS – Day 9 Photo of the Day

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 4:  Mike Bryan and Bob Bryan of the USA win the Men’s Doubles Tennis Final over Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Michael Llondra of France, Day 8 of the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 4, 2012 at Wimbledon Tennis Club in London, England. (Photo by Donald Miralle) Camera: Nikon D4  Lens: 70-200mm  Aperture : F4.5  Shutter: 1/1250th sec  ISO: 500


  1. Brit & Brew says:

    Hey Donald! Much love from the BF’s. Missed you at our own personal bday celebration for Lukems. We’re so proud of you and Lauren making this all work. You’re each an inspiration to us. Your work is
    A-mazing, but we love who you are more…its what makes how you capture moments so special. You and Lo’s true talent is finding how to make each of you the best at what you do. A testament to ultimate team work. Sorry for the sappy pep talk…but hoping to keep you each motivated so you can bring this baby home in true Miralle fashion…brilliance. all our love and can’t wait to welcome you home…sbccc

  2. Brit & Brew says:

    HI D! Your wife hosted your BF’s to our own private b’day party celebration for Lukems and we missed you. Your photos are phenomenal and we’re loving following you around London. We look for you on tv…I get all the kids involved even though I don’t even know at what events you are. I’m so impressed how you and Lo do this every two years…you’re literally the epitome of team work and have captured your diligence in marriage and career in the photo above. We are so proud of each of you. You guys are an inspiration to us. Keep your focus (no pun intended) and bring this baby home in true Miralle style…one of capturing brilliance and appreciation of the human endeavor to achieve. XOXOXO See you soon….we’ll have a couple of brews waiting for ya!

  3. Hi Donald,
    Have been following your Olympic adventures from the beginning and I’m really enjoying it. The photos look great but also appreciate the small stories behind the events. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves a lot. Kepp up the good work. Cheers,William

    • Thanks William – Glad you have been enjoying the pics and my Olympic journey. I would love to write more about the behind the scenes, but at 3am you are pretty tired!!!

  4. »Camera: Nikon F4«

    Nice to see this classic back in action. 😉

  5. Hey D! This photo looks like you and Lo, working as the power couple you are, and how she’s going to react when you get home upon the acheivement of shooting this year’s games. Of course, she will be handing the kids off immediately, but still. She hosted your BF’s to our very own private RT b-day party for Lukems and we missed you. Thought a regular old note from home would keep you motivated to continue to produce gorgeous, inspirational photos. As much as we love your work, we love who you are more, and are maybe second in anticipation of your homecoming. Keep your spirits up and know we’re rootin’ for you alongside all our American Olympians. B

    • Thanks for the nice note B, it will motivate me on the home stretch here. I can’t wait to get back to SD and see my family and my friends!!!!

      • Donald, I had to write the damn thing 3 times and forgot to copy and paste it, so apparently I wrote it 3 times with differnt words! WELCOME HOME TO CHAOS!!!!!!! you can delete the other inspirational thoughts.

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