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After 18 days of sleep and food deprivation chasing around the world’s greatest athletes at the London Olympic Games, my cameras shot over 20,000 images at my seventh Olympic Games I have covered as a photographer. The hardest part of the assignment other than logistics and transport is the editing of these photos and cutting them down to the best of the best, which is about .5% or less than a hundred photos. Now that the dust has settled and I am back in sunny San Diego with my family, looking back at my experiences and I realize how blessed I am to have documented the spectacle of the Olympics again. There were some great memories and images made over the course of two and a half weeks, and here is a gallery highlighting my adventures in London. Thank you all for reading my posts, looking at the photos, and motivating me with your kind notes during my journey. Special thanks to Beth Johnson and Katherine Harris from NEWSWEEK Daily Beast for having me cover the games for them, David Leah of Mexsport for sorting out my accommodations in the UK, Simon Lodge and the crew at Lodge Scuba for assisting in the underwater camera placement and aquatics, Head Photo Chief Bob Martin and his support staff that made great angles possible, William Pekala and Sarah Moosbrugger of Nikon, Brandon Magnus in my San Diego office making sure the photos and posts were published, all my fellow photographer for their friendship, and most importantly my wife and kids for dealing with my absence and supporting me along the way. As the Olympic motto states Citius, Altius and Fortius “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, the games really brings out the best of what humans are capable of, whether it be in sports, photography, or the human spirit. Thanks for following my journey and hope to  do it again in a couple years body and mind willing!!!


  1. Thanks again Donald for such inspiring images. Its been a treat to follow your adventure. I look forward to seeing stuff in-between and during the next winter Olympics.
    Best wishes. Patrick.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Olympic adventure. Your work is inspiring and unique.

  3. Dear Donald
    Your the best. As a vehicles & sport photographer It was a wonderful way of seeing the Olympic games through your eyes. I admirer your passion and drive. Even at the worst days after no stunning shut at your cards you just get up and start another day like nothing happend the day before. It’s amazing that after whole day with your 2 tons of gear you still got energy to update your blog and send us yours stunning galleries (The cavalier and the audience at sunset is one of a kind).
    Good luck & stay as great as you are.
    Tomer Feder

  4. Great work Don, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy days to blog about your time at the Games.

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