Day 1: Swimming 

Spent the day on (and under the pool deck), an exciting day with a couple broken world records in Men’s 100m breast and Women’s 400im. Here’s a few of my underwater photos, which I was happy with. While shooting for Sports Illustrated at Rio, our images are being directly ingested from our cameras as they are shooting through an ethernet cable into their servers, a great system for ease of transfer for photographers and editors! So many of my photos from the events I don’t see until a day or two later. But I will post them as I back them up, so you can follow along!


  1. Ruud Voest says:

    Hello Donald , Nice to see it in action:-) Keep up the good work ! Aquatech rules 🙂 I guess you are hardwiring the housing ? You are using the (extended) Aquatech 3 pin cable at the bulk head to trigger the camera? Probably the Ethernet port to download the images ( with a modified backplate for the cable)? I wonder what kind of white cable I am seeing at the bottom of the pool… I am using Aquatech housings myself in swimming pools for some corporate work in The Netherlands. Love to see more of your setup after the Olympics 🙂 Cheers , Ruud

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